The Importance Of Personal Development


I'm not sure I ever understand the importance of personal development in my life. For years I found myself just going along with the flow. I took life as it came, but I did not take control. It took a major crossroads to open up my eyes to some of the most basic truths about the world and it's Natural Laws and how I could use them to be much happier in my life.

Once I understood both the Universal and Spiritual Laws, specifically the Law of Attraction, I started to work in accordance with them instead of unknowingly against them and I began to feel substantially changed inside.

My personal development quest had begun. I felt so empowered and clear on what steps to take to next. What a relief to finally move forward.

Why did it take me so long to do it? I surprised. I really wish I had known all of this before so I could have avoided some of the pain and confusion. Then again, now I know that it was all necessary to bring me to this point of my personal journey.

The fact is, in a world like ours, we just get swept up into the frenzied pace of life. It is not often that we stop and evaluate what we are thinking, how we're acting or what we believe in and why. We also do not usually ask, "How is What I think and believe really affecting what I am experiencing? Maybe that's a question none of us knew we should be asking, but I assure you it is a very important one.

Let me share something with you. Ever since I watched Oprah's show on The Secret something clicked. It was just that quick. I instantly knew I had the power to control my own happiness and now I had the knowledge and the means to make it happen. I never heard of the Law of Attraction before, but then I watched the movie and just had this "knowing."

The movie explained the life principles of giving, taking action, having positive thoughts, gratitude, purpose and faith … it seemed to me that these were ideally the right ways to live. But, what I did not know is that the gift of truly living by these principles, would attract wonderful things into my life, by Universal Law. It offered me the kind of knowledge and guidance that I had been looking for for so long.

I started studying and asking questions …

  • How exactly do you use the Law of Attraction?
  • How do you integrate these principals into your daily life?
  • What specific steps and ways of thinking do I need to have to attract what I want?

I came across some of the most enlightening, stimulating and life-altering information I could imagine.

It seems like when our lives are not going as we planned and we feel overwhelmed with a lack of control, that's
when we're the most in need of true guidance. It's easy to get confused and overwhelmed.
There are countless self-help books, programs, courses, and even personal coaches out there willing to help.

The bottom line is, they all have the potential to work but not everyone is the same, so you must choose what works for you.
You are always the one who has to make it work no matter which one (s) you choose.
They say "knowledge is power" but knowledge is only power when you put right action behind it.

Everyone has the same desire to improve their lives but so few of us know how to do it. It's a wonderful feeling knowing
that the system is, and always was, in place working on your behalf. You just have to know how to work with it and now you

Let's face it … you've got to live in the "real world" and it's hard to integrate new ideas and change your way of life and
how you look at the world. It's a process and it does not happen overnight. That's why they call it personal development. It's
a journey of transformation and growth not a destination that you can reach with the snap of a finger.

Your personal development growth will always be a "work in progress" but the good news is, once you have the right tools
and mindset … every day life just gets better and better and you can look forward to what's next with joy.

Some of us will wait until we are so overwhelmed or unhappy with our lives to start our personal development
quest and that's fine. The answers will always be there to be found when we need them the most.

But why wait until a crisis happens? You can choose to wakeup right now to the fact that YOU have
control and can influence what direction your life goes by the choices you make, the thoughts you think and the
actions you take.

If you're ready to open your mind and make the choices that will have you living a healthy, happier life,
then I'm happy you're reading this and hope you'll follow this path
and that it can make a difference in your personal development growth.