Self Improvement – Join Me At The Top, There Is No Crowd


For many people they just try to get by in life. They try to get through the week so they can have a couple of days to themselves. Their goals are not very exciting even if they have goals. For the few people who actually look up, they will see a great place where there is no crowd, at the top.

For most people they fight over mediocrity. They are fighting along with the millions of others just trying to step up one more rung of the ladder.

For instance there are thousands of more applications for lower to mid level management jobs than there are high level management jobs. Often times in large companies there are hundreds of applications for entry level jobs and barely any for higher level positions.

Start thinking big and think ahead of people a couple steps of the ladder. Most people fight over the smallest little things but will not show even one bit of interest in trying to achieve something larger.

By thinking outside of the box you can advance your career more quickly. Apply for jobs that most people say you are not qualified for. I bet your resume will actually get read because for higher positions there are fewer resumes to read. For entry level jobs in most companies you have little chance of your resume getting read.

For many people they are so used to thinking small that trying to think big is a challenge for them. Sit down right now and try and think up some huge motivating goals, this will lead to passion and excitement in your life.