The Power of Your Subconscious Mind


The power of human mind

Human mind has been very powerful since the ages began, but the powers remain untapped due to ignorance towards the subject. The human mind has unlimited potential. Your mind can create anything desired. The only requirement is to understand the proper working of your mind.

Levels of mind

Although human mind appears to works as a single unit, but as per psychologists there are different levels upon which human mind operates. The levels have been defined according to the consciousness level of mind.

The main levels defined for human mind going from highest are:

1. Super-Conscious.
3. Conscious.
4. Pre-Conscious.
5. Subconscious.
6. Unconscious.

The super conscious is free from words and conveys to other levels of mind using intuitions. It's the highest level of consciousness of mind.

Intuitive mind is also non-verbal and it relates scattered information to create a whole picture.

The conscious level is the one in which we are living normally. Its verbal in nature. It can think, act and analyze the situations. Its left brain oriented in nature. Majority of life runs through this conscious level only.

Pre-Conscious mind is like long term memory. We can remember the things but can not analyze at the same time.

The subconscious mind contains deeper but consciously forgotten memories. It generates certain behaviors in human beings which decide the personality of anyone. Any suggestions which were once consciously (though forgotten), come out in the form of personality.

Unconscious mind is never brought to conscious level. For bringing to conscious level we have to take the help of hypnotism. Otherwise its not possible. Its has the basic functionalities which nature has provided for the survival of human beings.

Subconscious Mind

Our subconscious and conscious minds play major role in shaping our life. So our primary focus will remain subconscious mind.

Functions of subconscious mind

The subconscious mind acts as translator to the conscious mind. The conscious mind takes its input from our five senses. Whatever we speak and think consciously, that acts as input to the subconscious mind. Subconscious mind records every thought it receives from the conscious mind. It can not and therefor does not reason whether the thought is good, bad or even absurd.It simply acts upon those thoughts to turn those into reality. As soon as it receives any thought from conscious mind, it immediately starts to act upon those thoughts. Its tremendously powerful.

Your Subconscious Works Non-Stop !!!

Your subconscious mind works non-stop. It is never at rest. Its always busy in creating your reality. Here are some of the functions which your subconscious mind performances:

1. It fully controls the respiratory system.
2. It fully controls the heart-beat activity.
3. It controls your digestive system process.
4. And last but not the least it acts upon your ideas.

Law of Belief

The law of life is belief. Our whole life is governed around our belief system. The power of belief makes our subconscious work towards whatever we believe.

Subconscious is the mirror of life

The subconscious is the mirror of your life. You experience your thoughts, beliefs, opinions and theories are the manifestations of circumstances, conditions, and events which have happened in your life. The inside changes reflect outside.

The input to your subconscious is the output of your life

As per William James, the father of American Psychology, subconscious mind is having infinite wisdom and is in union with the universal intelligence. Subconscious is extremely powerful. Whatever you input to your subconscious is turned as the output of whole of your life. So it must be impressed with the right ideas.

How to get the subconscious working for you

Here are some ideas to make subconscious working for you in your favor. Realize that its always working. It never gets tired. But the whole process is silent and can not be perceived consciously. To make subconscious work for you, you do not have to deal with subconscious mind. The whole thing is to keep your conscious mind busy to expect the results you want. Simply believe that rest of everything will be taken care of by the subconscious mind itself. Its omnipotent and will bring about anything to your expectations.

Controlling your subconscious mind

If you want to experience the fullness of life and change it, you need to change the condition of your subconscious mind. For that you have to take control of your subconscious mind. Simply believe in the Success Tools and follow certain procedures to alter your limiting beliefs.Whatever comes to your conscious mind that passes to your subconscious mind. The simplest way to do this is to take in a new idea. Let idea be your life. Day and night think about that only idea. That way that idea starts sipping in your subconscious mind. Here your conscious mind will be used to control your conscious mind.

Tools to control subconscious mind

There are four tools you can use to control your subconscious mind. These help to assimilate the idea in your subconscious mind.

Tools to use are:

1. Your wording.
2. Your visualization.
3. Your auditory senses.
4. Your kinesthetic senses.

You know enough about wordings. Let's talk about other tools.

Creative visualization lets you consciously attract what you want. Just see the images in your mind. It's a powerful way to condition your subconscious mind to attract, what you want. As a part of creative visualization you can use your auditory and kinesthetic senses.

Using auditory senses means to use sounds and words along with your imagination. Try to listen to every minute detail of your mental images. This helps even more to enforce the power of visualization.

Using kinesthetic senses lets you use your emotions and feelings in your imagination. Here your emotions play a dominant part.

These tools are different for different people. Because all are different, so everyone requires different sets of tools. If someone is good at imagination, visualization will work best for that person. If someone like to listen the things, then auditory uses utilization will work best for that one. If some people like to feel the things, for them kinesthetic senses involvement will do the magic.