What Is FABULOUS Leadership?


Leadership trainers often review some of the necessities, and assets needed, for someone to be an effective leader. However, isn’t there a difference between being effective, good, great, and FABULOUS? Amongst many definitions, the Oxford Dictionary, used extraordinary and wonderful, as their key, descriptive adjectives. Although most individuals who ascend to positions of leadership, would be stretching to be, even, effective, the few, truly unique ones, are those who seek becoming better, more effective, and make a significant difference, for the better, for their organization. Perhaps that is why we hear, so rarely, about someone performing, behaving or acting, as a fabulous leader! But, shouldn’t that be the ideal, for each person, to seek and strive for?

1. Face facts: In my four decades of identifying, qualifying, training, developing and consulting to over a thousand actual and/ or potential leaders, I have observed a trend or tendency, for those in these positions to either become, in denial, fail to act in a timely, well – considered manner, or create a more comfortable, personal reality, which often differs considerably from the real world. Fabulous leaders must begin by opening their eyes, and seeing what’s going on, both the positives and negatives. They must then face the facts, and take well – considered, timely action, based on a true, strategic plan!

2. Attitude; aptitude: You must possess a real, can – do, positive attitude, where you see obstacles as challenges, rather than problems! Your responsibility, as a leader, should be, to create, develop and implement, an action plan, which is relevant to the needs, concerns and priorities of the organization. In addition, how can you oversee, delegate, create, develop or implement anything, if you haven’t consistently committed, to obtaining and owning necessary training, transforming that to learning, and hopefully, obtained wisdom and judgment. Doing this enhances a fabulous aptitude!

3. Benefits; bring it: Focus on priorities, needs and concerns, and bring forth, real benefits, which others perceive as meaningful and relevant!

4. Useful: Fabulous leaders are not merely busy – looking, but they provide useful leadership, which addresses priorities, in a relevant, strategic, and timely way. Always evaluate whether your approach will be useful results!

5. Listen; learn: No matter how good your intentions, or even how qualified you may appear, remember, you cannot be a real leader, unless others decide to follow. Get through to your constituents in a meaningful way, by constantly paying attention, listening, learning, and trying to better understand what they perceive and desire!

6. Options; opportunities: While knowing and understanding the past, including heritage, history, demographics, and mission, avoid over – relying on the same – old, same – old, approaches and recycled ideas! Consider alternatives and options, with an open – mind, but in a realistic, somewhat pragmatic way, as well. Be mindful of taking advantage of the best opportunities, which may present themselves, and be ready and willing, to create your own opportunity, when that is the best solution!

7. Usable: Merely having good intentions, or, even, identifying needs and options, and being able to differentiate and distinguish useful ideas, from lesser ones, is never enough! Rather, be pragmatic enough, to realize one must transform useful to usable!

8. Strengthening; sustainable system: What are you willing to do, etc, in order to be a strengthening leader? Will you create, develop, and implement, a meaningful, relevant, sustainable system?

You can be, either, merely in a leadership position, a good leader, great one, or exhibit FABULOUS leadership skills and abilities! Which path will you choose?