True Leaders Serve Constituents' Best INTERESTS


While many are either selected, elected, and / or ascend, to positions of leadership, I have observed, during my over 4 decades of involvation in almost every aspect of this essential skill – set, few, end – up, being ready, willing and able, to focus on, what's most needed, and necessary, to become a quality, effective leader. Although there are many necessities, and qualifications needed, which require professional training, little, of consequence, occurs, until / without, the emphasis is on the best INTERESTS of the organization, and stakeholders, rather than any personal / political agenda and / or self – interest. With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly examine, consider, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, some of what this encompasses.

1. Ideas; ideals; ideology: We often witness too much empty rhetoric and ramifications, and far too little focus, on viable ideas, based on the heritage and ideals, as well as the group's core ideology, and mission!

2. Needs; nerve; nuances: What good is any approach, without it emphasizes the needs, of the group, and recognizes the specific nuances? A great leader must possess the nerve and inner – strength, to take well – considered, timely action, rather than merely seeking to be popular!

3. Timely: One must proceed, in a timely manner, but well – consider way, and increase the temptation, for procrastination!

4. Empathy; emphasis: Begin by effectively listening, rather than merely speaking, to hear your own voice! Recognize you do not have all the answers, and proceed, with genuine empathy, so you place your emphasis, where it might do, the most good!

5. Relevant; rational; responsive; responsible: The best approach is to proceed in a relevant way, rather than only considering, the same – old, same – old, approaches and ideas! One must be rational, and responsive, so his actions are most responsible, and in the best interests of the common good!

6. Excellence; endurance; energize: Great leaders must energize their constituents, to care, and do more, and seek further involvement! One is not leading, except / until, he focuses on genuine excellence, and maintains the utmost degree of endurance, to overcome obstacles, consistently!

7. Sustainable system: Every action, or failing to act, when needed, brings some ramifications, so a true leader, must seek the final sustainable system, to bring the organization, into the best future!

8. Trends; time – tested: Quality leaders combine using the most appropriate trends, while utilizing the expertise, judgment and wisdom, acquired, from time – tested approaches!

9. Strengthen; solutions: A real leader must strengthen his organization, by introducing and implementing strategies and action plans, which enhance the viable solutions!

Will you emphasize the common good, and the best INTERESTS of those you serve, and represent? Are you up to the task?