Effective Leadership: It's All About PLANNING


There's a significant difference between well-intentioned, leadership, and being, a relevant, sustainable, meaningful, effective leader. After, over four decades of involvement, in almost all aspects of leading, identifying, qualifying, training, developing, and consulting to thousands of actual, and / or potential leaders, to serving, as a leader, personally, for organizations of various sizes, scopes, and intentions / heritage, I have come to consistently believe, the essence of leadership, is in the level and degree of professional PLANNING. With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly, consider, review, examine, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means, and representations, and why, it's nearly impossible, without possessing skills , and necessities.
1. Purpose; priorities; plans: Before beginning, an individual, must, objectively, examine, his personal reasons, and purposes, of becoming a leader, of a specific organization, at a specific, point – in – time. One's personal priorities, must consistently, align, with those of his organization, and stakeholders, and he must present plans, to make a significant difference, for the better!
2. Listen; learn; leading: Will you be, ready, willing, and able, to consistently, effectively, listen, far more than you speak, and learn from every conversation, and experience, so, as to be, able to address, both, actual, as well as perceived needs, goals, and priorities? Will you commit, to, truly, leading, or will you restrict your efforts, to the same – old, same – old?
Attitude; aptitude; attention; articulate: A great leader must possess, a true, can – do, positive attitude, so others, are motivated an inspired, in a necessary, productive way. This must be done, while enhancing and developing your skill – set, in a relevant way, in order to maximize your aptitude. When these qualities, are combined, with a willingness, to pay keen attention, with an open – mind, and step forward, and articulate a compelling message, one gains his possessions of becoming a real leader!
4. Needs; nuances: Since every group, has certain, unique characteristics, heritage, history, etc, in order to lead, effectively, one must proceed, to address these, with relevant nuances. When constituents perceive, you are concerned about, and have a quality plan, to address their needs, they become, far more motivated and inspired!
5. Nerve: A great leader must be ready, willing, and able, to proceed, forward, when others, dare, not! Seek someone, with the nerve, to make a difference, for the better, without any preconceived notions, and / or restrictions.
6. Imagination; ideas; ideology; integrity; inspire: Nothing works, else / until someone possesses absolute integrity, even when it's not convenient! Possessing a relevant, well-developed, sustainable imagination, combined with the commitment to the ideology, of the group, brings forth the quality and relevant ideas, which makes a true difference, and inspires actual, and potential stakeholders!
7. Necessary: Will someone, do, both, what's needed, and necessary ,? Will he also, look, strategically, at what will create the strongest, most sustainable group? 8. Generate goodwill; growth; greatness: Leading means, seeking, actual greatness, with the intent, of generating goodwill! This must be accompanied by a focus on sustainable, consistent, growth, for the common good!
True leaders must commit to professional, well – defined, and developed, leadership PLANNING! Are you, up, to the task?